Guest Information

Dress Attire

Dress for success when using the Clubhouse or Golf Course facilities. We request that members and guests wear acceptable attire and footwear at all times.

Acceptable Clubhouse & Golf Course attire:

  • Soft spike or spikeless shoes, including sandal soft-spikes, must be worn on the course
  • Shirts should be tucked in
  • Hats must be worn "bill-forward
  • Men are requested to remove headwear in the Clubhouse
  • Short length should be no higher than halfway between mid-thigh and mid-knee and no lower than mid-knee.

Unacceptable Clubhouse & Golf Course attire:

  • Denim
  • Tank tops
  • Sport jerseys
  • T-shirts
  • Bike shorts
  • Cut-offs
  • Cargo shorts and pants
  • Bathing suits

Helpful dress code reminders:

  • Members, family of members, and guests are asked to wear attire appropriate for the occasion or event
  • Attire that is torn and/or in need cleaning or repair, is not appropriate
  • The General Manager, Clubhouse Manager and/or the Head Golf Professional is authorized to prohibit use of the Club facilities by those whose attire is deemed to be unacceptable

Cell Phones

The use of cellphones on the golf course or in the Clubhouse is prohibited except in an emergency. If a cell phone is carried on your person in these areas, it should be maintained on mute or vibration mode.