Bear's Paw Country Club

Membership Information


Resident & Non-Resident Golf Membership

Initiation Fee: $40,000 non-refundable
Annual Dues: $11,500 + tax
F&B Min: N/A for FY2019
Capital Fee: $2,400/year

1. Non-Resident members do not have a vote. 
2. Limited non-resident memberships available.

Trial (annual) Non-Resident Golf Membership

No initiation fee
Annual dues: $11,500 + tax
F&B Min: N/A for FY2019
No Capital fee

  1. Recallable at any time
  2. Limited numbers available 
  3. No voting rights


Legacy Membership

To qualify for this membership, a member must have owned a home in Bear's Paw and been a member for at least 15 years. Click here for more information.


To request more information on membership, please contact:


Antonia Gresbrink

Membership & Marketing Director