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Bear's Paw Country Club


Resident & Non-Resident Golf Membership

Initial fee: $35,000 non-refundable
Annual Dues: $10,950 + tax
F&B Min: $1,500/year
Capital Fee: $2,400/year

1. Non-Residents do not have a vote. 
2. Limited non-resident memberships available.

Trial (annual) Non-Resident Golf Membership

No initial fee
Annual dues: $11,500 + tax
F&B Min: $1,500
No Capital fee

  1. They are recallable at any time
  2. Limited numbers available 
  3. They have no vote


Legacy Membership

To qualify for this membership, a member must have owned a home in Bear's Paw and been a member for at least 15 years.  They must sell their home in Bear's Paw and move to an outside senior living community of sort.


To request more information on membership and to schedule your personal tour, contact:


Antonia Gresbrink

Membership & Marketing Director