Bear's Paw Country Club


New Clubhouse is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019.

Dining Area and Private Dining Rooms
More a redesign with respect to the main dining area than an expansion, a new and improved informal dining space will allow for open vistas inside and out. The private dining rooms would double in number and triple in square footage from the current plan to create dedicated space ... as needed ... for formal dining, more flexibility for the many popular private gatherings, luncheons, dinners, cocktail receptions and meetings, special interest clubs that are growing in size and scope, better acoustics, the potential for revenue-generating events and more!

An expansion and improvement of the kitchen is long overdue. New equipment, additional space/equipment to support a diverse menu, plating space for so many popular, sold-out Member events, and staging the service ware required to assure that presentation is on point cannot be accomplished in the current kitchen. In addition, constant repair of outdated equipment that has been depreciated beyond its useful life is also an issue. Retaining loyal, experienced staff and recruiting newly-trained staff are important benefits of creating a state-of-the-art culinary facility. A modest increase in square footage is necessary for the chef and his culinary team to meet the Members' expectations.

Food & Beverage/Club Storage
Commensurate with a focus on informal dining, a new state-of-the-art kitchen and expanded outdoor dining space, and based upon the experience of other clubs in our competitive group who have made similar improvements, we also expect growth in food and beverage volume. Similarly, the addition of Emeritus and non-resident members requires space to store Member golf clubs and equipment. In addition to these drivers of the need for storage, providing staff with storage that is ample and in proximity to their points of service will improve employee satisfaction, recruitment, retention and the quality and promptness of service to Members.

Outdoor Bar and Dining Terrace
Across the country, offering and/or expanding outdoor dining is a growing trend. Country clubs and restaurants are setting outdoor dining spaces on sidewalks, rooftops and even replacing their windows with the retractable variety to bring the outdoors IN to their dining establishments! Nowhere is this more true than in the "every day is summer" sunny Florida environs. Our current primary outdoor dining space seats 24 and is woefully inadequate. Creating a welcoming, serviceable outdoor dining space for 155 will accommodate less than 40 parties of 4 and represents an appropriate, conservative step in the right direction.